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After years of playing bass came the time to try something else... first demos as an engineer were done in 1985 with Fostex 16 track recorder and Studiomaster console. Studio got it's name Tico Tico (can't recall why..) in -87.

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Things happened faster after bands like Impaled Nazarene and Sentenced released their first albums. Tico got name as rock/metal studio and the number of bands recording there was rising. In those days a normal schedule in recording, at least with indie/metal bands, was 3-4 days for recording/tracking, one day for mixing, so a lot of albums were recorded in early years...

The old studio had that special "feel" hard to replace but it was a bit cramped (control room was 2,20 x 2,40 m..) so we moved -94 to the current location in Kemi centre. Former dairy turned to a modern recording studio offering 350 m2 of floor area.

One of the first releases recorded in the new studio was Sentenced's Amok. Tracked and mixed in two weeks; It felt we got all the time in the world:) Also bands outside Finland visited the studio; Nightfall (GRE) being the first one maybe..?
Now, after close to 200 albums Tico Tico Studio is going strong.. Digital recording and editing possibilities have made many tasks so much faster and easier but basic ”how-to” audio engineering is still the foundation of Tico recording.

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All engineers used
to be bass players…
pic from early 80's