Good work 
since 1987

Welcome to Tico Tico Studio !

Established in 1987 and close to  200 (!) albums recorded - you are in good hands.

Relaxed atmosphere and no-hassle workflow combined to quality analog and digital recording equipment gives you unbeatable value for your money.

Exploring this site should give you an overall view of Tico recording . If there's something you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Enjoy your visit and see you again soon!


Hola amigos...alot chanced since my last update..Tico has moved, after 18 years in Asemakatu...time really flies. New Tico is located 2 km’s from Kemi centre in a former post office. Surrounded by a couple of shops, pizzeria, bar and pharmacy all basic stuff is next door.  Kalmah’s new album is in progress, though a lot is here still under construction. Missing control room main speakers, vocal booth is still in bits and pieces, a lot of wiring to do etc. But after everything is completed this will be nice. I’ll try add some photos as soon as asap:)